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Have you ever been lying on your sofa, thinking about pizza and wishing it would magically be delivered to your door?

Well, wish no further – this is now reality (sort of). Enter ‘Subconscious Mind’ – Pizza Hut’s new app, which lets your order with your mind.

Developed by the marketing team, and in early trial stages, the app uses cool eye-tracking software from Tobii to help the pizza-lovers amongst us determine which pizza we subconsciously want to scoff come dinner time.

The app includes a whopping 5,000 pizza combinations and works by tracking which pizza combinations your eyes look at for longer. The clever algorithm then identifies your perfect pizza et voila it is ordered and delivered direct to your door!

Even if the app doesn’t take off, it’s a fantastic PR story, combining tech and behaviour in a new and different way.

We know what we’re doing tonight…