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NB Team

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Wearable technology now has a tiny cousin courtesy of Estimote’s Smart Stickers, an advancement in the newly-coined ‘nearables’ market.

Whereas wearable technology sees the devices tied to one garment, these Stickers can be attached to almost anything you like near you (within about 70m) – your bag, your shoe, your dog – turning it into a ‘nearable’ and allowing it to broadcast data to relevant apps about its location, motion and temperature.

Using the SDK that comes with Estimote’s Stickers means anyone can build a whole range of apps to work alongside their Sticker – in reality, a 3mm thick computer.

Ideas from around the office on what we’d use them for include:

·         Track down your bag easily

·         Be notified when your Sauvignon has been precisely chilled to your liking

·         Easily track your dog / cat / hamster

Neat – and yes, they’re available in a range of colours.