Our app of the week – Hopper

NB Team

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There’s a new flight-booking tool on the app scene, and it can help with the traveller’s number one conundrum (well, since commercial air flight became a viable option): should you book eleven months in advance before fares start climbing up, or wait to snap up a last-minute bargain?


It always seem as though we end up making the wrong choice. This is where Hopper steps in, helping you to book flights at the optimum time to ensure you get the best deal. Hopper even claims that in 95% of cases it can find the cheapest ticket available and helps customers save up to 40% through its daily analysing of billions of historical flight prices.


Organised into four tabs (Dates, Prediction, Tips and Flights), this app has three key money-saving features: price prediction, which tells you whether to purchase now or hold off (and with up-to-the-minute info, price drop and predicted increase tracking and email notifications, you can’t really go wrong); a colour-coded calendar, which tells you at a glance which dates are the best for travel; and tips, which suggest tweaks to your plans (different days/airports) to give further savings.


Sadly, Hopper is currently only available for iOS8. Boo.

(all artwork via Thomas Fitzpatrick / Hopper)