Happy Valentine’s Day?!

NB Team

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Just in case you were concerned that the whole concept of dating couldn’t become more awkward and potentially disastrous, the Guardian has stepped in to ratchet up the cringe factor by introducing Watch Me Date.

Two strangers, experiencing the usual first-date jitters, get the pleasure of our virtual company through Google Glass. We love wearable tech but this definitely isn’t something we’ll be trying out.

From the comfort and safety of our own homes we can then enjoy their squirm-inducing conversation – highlights from Sarah (29) and Ian (“nearly 30”)’s date include: “Are you a real person?”, (Sarah) and Ian’s rant about trainers and black bin bag tips for keeping jackets curry-whiff free(!)

The conclusion of the date video: a rating from each other… and a kiss Maybe? No. Most people struggle to even exchange contact details. Awks.


On a similar note, Wareable also had a look at whether Glass can help you find love. The answer is no, just to save you from trying it yourself.

(images via the Guardian, and Wareable/Dan Wong: http://www.danwongphotography.com)