Falling in love with a smartwatch

NB Team

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Recently, Fi took the plunge and bought a smartwatch – so we shamelessly asked her to document her experience. We’ll hand over to her now…

Decisions, decisions

To be perfectly honest, it was a piece of technology I didn’t need, but I bought it anyway – mainly out of curiosity. Having made up my mind to buy one, I was then faced with a surplus of choice.

Selecting the right smartwatch was a source of consternation – I thought about getting one of the circular Android ones, as they’re the most stylish. However, I quickly changed my mind after seeing the size and thickness of one. It’d be like strapping a large bath plug to my wrist.

Seeing as household utilities chic was not a look I was trying to adopt, I opted instead for something a little more simplistic – the Asus Zenwatch. 



The first and most important question I get asked when people see the watch is “well what does it even do?”. In a way, not a lot. First and foremost, it’s a watch; beyond that, think of it as a remote control for your phone. It doesn’t have a lot of new gizmos, and it’s not a fun toy in and of itself (yet), unless you particularly fantasise about having a compass strapped to your wrist.

To begin with it was pretty uninspiring – the touch screen was clunky to use, every now and again it crashed and, even though it wasn’t a giant round monstrosity, it still wasn’t exactly petite and feminine.

Turning point

I wore it for a couple of days anyway, out of wilful determination to make my purchase worthwhile, until something odd happened. Midway through the third day, I realised I was falling slowly, deeply in love with this thing. It somehow just seemed to fit into my life, and I couldn’t imagine going through a day without it.

I’m in love

So now that I love it, what does it do? Lots of little things I didn’t realise I needed but find exceptionally useful. It’s great for being able to change the volume of my music and what song I’m listening to without having to rummage for my phone. I really appreciate being able to screen my texts and emails discretely no matter where I am. And I feel oddly stylish to boot, although this is probably a side effect of being a slightly smug early adopter.

Stay tuned for more on my smartwatch adventure, and why you’ll never catch me talking to my wrist in public.