A smarter way to deal with notifications?

NB Team

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Olio’s new smartwatch concept is definitely out of the ordinary. From aligning itself with premium craft beers through to its “boutique” nature, it’s carving itself a very specialised niche in the market. Just as interesting is its attitude towards notifications.

Ollo? No wait, that’s meant to be Olio…

We all know our day-to-day life is filled with pings and buzzes as our computers and smartphones desperately remind us of tasks; that Sarah has invited you to an event, or that Domino’s Pizza has emailed (again) with more coupons. While these notifications are all very helpful, there comes a point where you’re receiving so many from different apps, it’s just too much to respond to – and that’s where Olio’s OS comes in.

The theory is that every notification can be responded to with “yes”, “no” or “tell me more”. While this supposedly works for President Obama in streamlining his admin, we’re not quite sure yet how well this will pan out with the variety of notifications the smartwatch is likely to receive. It sounds like a great idea for quickly dismissing unwanted emails or agreeing to meetings, but how does replying to a tweet fit into this system?

Still, the streamlining sounds like a lifesaver for some people, so we’re sure that Olio will have a market.Want to find out more? Check out what the lovely people at Pocket-Lint have to say about it.