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What’s caught our eye

Over 80 years ago, technical draughtsman Harry Beck created the iconic Tube map. It’s beautiful but can sometimes be misleading (as are the words, “changing at Bank is quick and easy”). So, inspired by the positive reception to a Freedom of Information request for a geographically accurate rendering, TfL has continued to update this version of the map. It’s strange to see the honest map, but still pretty.


What’s trending

The ad blocking debate continues to rage, but it’s now taken a twist. The Crystal ad blocker for iOS, which costs 79p to download, is now going to allow companies to pay in order to bypass the ad blocker. Naturally some people are disappointed at the thought of an ad blocker which… actively allows ads, while charging you for the privilege. If you want to learn more about the complexities, check out Anil Dash’s piece, “How we pass the buck.”

one to watch

One to watch

Another literal One to Watch. The last supermoon eclipse was 33 years ago, and the next one isn’t until 2033, so you should make every effort to watch this one. Except that this one will start at 2.07am on Sunday 27th… and the current prediction is that it’ll be cloudy in the UK. But don’t let that put you off – if it happens, it’s certain to be a spectacular and even if it ends up being cloudy you can join those incredible people at NASA to watch it online.

what we've been up to

What we’ve been up to

It’d be quicker to list what we haven’t been up to, frankly. We helped to launch Canon’s small business advice hub with the Daily Telegraph . As North America ran out of IPv4 address, we helped the RIPE NCC to spread the word about why IPv6 is the key to the future of Internet growth, here’s what the BBC said. We took some time to find out the latest trends in digital, from our amazing Things team. And if you’ve ever wondered what life is like at Nelson Bostock, we had a go at explaining what makes us tick.