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Carlly recently went to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition, here’s her review.

Last week a friend and I went to the Louis Vuitton Exhibition on the Strand. She works in the fashion industry and was there for research, I however was there as I was promised lasers and interactive art. I was not disappointed.

Each room was completely different to the next and the space was designed beautifully. There was a room of blindingly stark white, with key accessories dotted around, making each scarf, bag and belt pop to life as the only source of colour. Another space was completely black, lit only by a neon green laser which represented how patterns for leather goods were cut.

One of the most interesting spaces in my opinion was a hall way, made up of a mix of mirrors and LCD screens. Each screen showed a different step of the production process of a Louis Vuitton clutch – making it mesmerising to see close-ups of the meticulous and vigilant care involved.



This was echoed later on as you entered a room where leather craftswomen were creating pieces as people watched. One of whom explained that they had been flown from France to work on this project. That’s part of what makes this so special, rather than just seeing the finished product, you get to see “behind the scenes.”

After going through each room I have a new appreciation for not only for the craft which goes into creating these bags, but also for brands which open their doors, hosting immersive experiences for people to attend. Not only is this a fun and interesting exhibit, it’s another way which marketing can be experiential, encouraging people to share with their friends.

It’s free to go and finishes on the 18th October so hurry while you can. It’s open from 10am to 8pm and is on 180 Strand, adjacent to Somerset House. You do have to reserve a time slot to go but don’t let this put you off. You’re not rushed through and it’s worth it. Click here to book your ticket.