Rupert St market – a review

NB Team

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We’re very lucky to be surrounded by so much good food in Soho, especially on a Thursday and Friday when Rupert St market is in full force. Friday tends to have more (including more dessert options) but you’d be forgiven for going both days.

Here are some of our recommendations (pics below):

Korean BBQ steak wrap – sensational but must add Kimchi – Tim

Korean BBQ steak wrap – incredible but don’t ruin it with Kimchi – Sohaib

That Thai place on the right hand side in the brown tent at the beginning – awesome curry selections (green, yellow, red + stir fry), speedy service despite long queues, friendly owners, very tasty – and for £4.30 a real steal – Marc

Claw. Crab meat. Brioche bun. Samphire. How could you just walk past? How could you? – Kim

Argentinian Steak Sandwich. One for the carnivores – a tender, medium-rare hunk of Argentinian goodness on a bed of rocket, topped with an oozing strip of cheese, lightly grilled red pepper and a secret pesto-y sauce I can’t even begin to describe, it’s that good. Sandwiched between a fluffy, powdered ciabatta, it’s the perfect one to line your stomach with ahead of Friday night drinks – Lana

Argentinian Steak Sandwich. The Argentinian steak sandwich stall is, hands down, the best sandwich I have ever eaten – Rich H

Sambal Shiok. Street food straight outta Asia. You leave every time with a warm glow…and a box filled to the brim with satay chicken, satay sauce, pickled cabbage salad and a kick of chilli. And with the servers’ broad smiles, they allow you to forget about that email sitting in your inbox, awaiting action on a Friday afternoon. Go! – Kim

Comfort Kitchen – best southern-fried chicken I’ve had in London, which works perfect with the sweetcorn pancakes, beans, coleslaw and (optional) crunchy fries. Only £6.50 + £2 for the fries. The food is quite heavy though and will almost put you to sleep in the afternoon, so better get a coffee as well… – Marc

Duck – The duck wrap is delicious, but whatever you do wear a bib and eat over a plate, otherwise your clothes are destined to be ruined – Alex G