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What’s caught our eye


We all know that the brain is the most powerful muscle in the human body but, for many of us, that’s where our neurological expertise ends. It’s an area that anyone working within the creative industries, which so heavily revolve around consumer behaviours, should investigate. Luckily our neuroscience neighbours at Walnut Unlimited have teamed up with Warc to deliver Brainy Bar, a series of events examining the latest neuro-related developments and how they are driving successful insights in the world of marketing. The first event kicks-off at 6pm on Monday 9th November and includes guest speakers from Mindlab, NEUROHM and Decode Marketing. Book your place here!

What’s Trending


We love new car technology, and we’re all in a spin this week at the thought of being driven around, not by Jeeves – but by Autopilot. This week automotive manufacturer Tesla launched its new models, which can automatically steer themselves down the motorway, change lanes, and adjust speed in response to traffic! We also saw Virtual Reality (VR) driving with Avatar Drive, a new concept displayed at Hyundai’s IDEA Festival in South Korea. The prototype allows the user to remotely control any commercial car through VR technology. Hyundai predicts the concept could feasibly come to market in just five short years!

One to watch


You know when your boss tells you to come to him or her with solutions, not problems? We glimpsed an awful lot of both at this year’s Ad:Tech London – all because technology is grabbing the entire marketing industry by the shoulders and giving it a good shake. One company that stood out for us was Blippar, the “first visual discovery browser using augmented reality and image recognition technology to transform how people connect with the world.” The mobile app – which recognises and provides information and experiences related to objects in the real world, via your phone’s camera – enables brands like Pepsi to deliver truly engaging content and experiences to consumers. We can’t wait to see how it develops.

What we’ve been up to


We’re just back from Canon EXPO in Paris this week. One of the world’s premiere events for futuregazing, showcasing new innovations and concept technologies from Canon, the highly anticipated EXPO only happens once every five years. Our team managed a wide-ranging media, analyst, influencer and social programme for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It was an incredible week, with over 13,000 attendees from across the world coming to see everything from an 8K concept camera to 3D printing, mixed reality, and much more. We’re already excited for 2020!