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Cen from our design team has been thinking about… bubble wrap… lately?! Here’s what’s been on her mind:

I recently came across an article about the reinvention of bubble wrap.

I know what you’re thinking, bubble wrap is already perfect – why change it?

Bubble wrap, as we know it, pops in an instant of squeezing, much to our delight. At one stage or another, we have all tried to fight the urge to pop it instead of using it for its real purpose.

Then some clever people with a lot of willpower came along. Sealed Air, North Carolina based manufacturers, have revolutionised and redesigned bubble wrap, naming their new creation ibubble. What does it do? ibubble is inflated on-site. This means it saves and money. Compared to traditional bubble wrap, ibubble has interlinked pockets, which enable air to squeeze through each section making it easy to inflate but very difficult to pop.


But such clever innovation left me feeling deflated. If ibubble takes off, it means millions of kids the world over might never get to enjoy hours popping and squeezing bubble wrap. However, I then discovered that there are no plans to discontinue regular bubble wrap! ibubble is simply a new innovation aimed at mass consumer businesses.

As a designer, ibubble got me thinking about how bubbles can be used creatively. It’s fascinating to see the physical element transcribed using different media, for instance, the print magazine displayed below by Lo Siento created a custom typography by injecting coloured liquids into the hexagonal grid of cells within the bubble wrap. For me, it’s a beautiful piece of art within itself.



Packaging is one of my ultimate favourites when it comes to design. Michele Beauchamp-Roy has designed an incredible concept. It showcases the product with a multi-functional design that draws you in.


The bubble wrap looks like a fun winter jacket for the vodka bottle, and the capsules are filled with cranberry juice! This actually also acts as a cooler when put into the freezer – a stunning combination of design concepts! Cranberry ice anyone?

As it happens the bubble wrap design won the 2014 Packplay best show award. And no wonder, when you can pop cranberry ice capsules out in to your drink, making it taste so good and icy cold.

It is amazing what creativity, simple materials and technology can become over time. I think I have found a new love for bubble wrap.