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Design inspiration comes from everywhere, writes Cen from our Design team.

I was intrigued by a picture in the Evening Standard – what appeared to be a paper patterned frame outlining the form of a women’s torso and leg… but there was no flesh underneath, just fresh air!

It turns out that London based visual experts have used 3D digital technology for a Chemical Brothers video. They took the complex moves of a dancer and made parts of her appear see-through by using CGI. This makes it seem like the dancer has 3D printed mesh for body parts.┬áIt looked amazing. I immediately got on my phone to find the full video. The newspaper didn’t really capture the essence of the movement.

It was mesmerising. The movement was so dynamic and stunning. It all looked so real, with the outstanding performance by Sonoya Mizuno and choreography by Wayne McGregor. I won’t give the whole video away. I want you to be as blown away as I was. You’ll have to watch the fantastic transition between human and mesh: