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Ideas come from everywhere


Today we have a guest post from a member of our incredible Design team, Laura.

This isn’t anything to do with anything I’ve designed or created recently. This is about something that takes your breath away. Something that stays with you days, months and years after you first saw it. This is about inspiration.

Take this house, its beauty and simplicity. See how the indoors and outdoors interact with one another, the flooring enabling a continuous journey through the room and into the outside. The glass, inviting that interaction between the inside and the out, allowing the light to create beautiful patterns which dissect the room, adding depth and showing the character of a bare brick wall. Even the table, which contrasts so wonderfully with the industrial steel of the kitchen, invites you to take a lookout, as it would be as fitting in the garden as it is a dining table. It’s how the modern works with the original, not battling for attention, but allowing both to work alongside each other.

This is beauty. It’s a question answered considerately. Truly inspiring.