Data Visualisation

NB Team

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In recent times, we’ve started to realise the potential of data visualisation.

Its appeal is obvious. Breaking down complex data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way. Representing data visually can help spot trends and patterns. Not only that, but it can actually be quite artistic and inspiring.

The beauty of data visualisation is something we particularly like, and it’s a concept that is often channelled by our fantastic in-house design team.

One example in particular has caught our eye this week, in the form of designs by Rick Hincks. He looked at famous goals from Manchester derbies through the years and mapped the unforgettable moments onto minimalist posters.

Football is a sport that’s packed full of tension and action, and that’s heightened when local rivals clash. Hincks’ work reduces all of that to the bare components, but still captures movement and drama with simple elegance.



Photo: Rick Hincks