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By: NB Team

Last month’s Winning Minds Award went to both Ellie Hattersley, an NBU stalwart, and the excellent Lydia Richmond who joined us just a few months ago. We sat down with them this week to find out more about their passions, motivations and why a career in PR.   Why did you pick a career in PR and Communications?  Lydia Richmond: For me, it comes down to being creative. Comms is incredibly…

By: Victoria Howarth

What has soap got to do with self-confidence? Or fizzy drinks got to do with the black rights movement? Almost every big brand today has begun campaigning to become associated with something beyond what they ‘do’. Whether it’s Skittles associating itself with Pride, or Starbucks with the refugee crisis, every big brand worth their salt…

By: Nicole Louis

Barclaycard launched a new TV campaign last week which mocks ‘cool’ Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) players like Klarna. Partnering with pop queen Grace Jones, the campaign tagline reads “Why does everything have to be cool these days?” And you probably know exactly what they’re talking about. Klarna has enlisted a slew of celebrities including Snoop Dogg and…

By: Katie Owen

We often talk about “finding a hook”. Something that will make a story feel really timely and relevant to the audience – and therefore be widely seen and shared. #Cybersecmonth is a campaign run by the EU (and US Government in tandem) in October to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and how people can protect…

By: Katie Owen

Here at Nelson Bostock, we’re talking cybersecurity week in, week out thanks to our mix of clients that tap into this sector. So, it doesn’t take Cybersecurity Awareness Month for us to indulge in the latest news, but it has been a particularly interesting few weeks in terms of industry news. The US initially took…

By: Cassie Clarke

At the start of 2021, we saw a seismic shift towards sustainability which has gained momentum as we’ve emerged from the pandemic and edge closer to COP26. Public awareness of climate change has never been greater and the role of communications has been a key driver in achieving this. Here are three things happening right…

By: Shane O'Donoghue

Mobility Bytes: Episode 1 In this first episode of the series, Shane O’Donoghue interviews Mobility PR expert George Chamberlain on whether the HGV driver shortage could be solved by self-driving vehicles. Are self-driving vehicles the answer? And what’s the media’s role been in the crisis? Let us know what you think of this issue by…

By: NB Team

This is an important week. It is Good Money Week – a yearly campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance. In our recent Fintech PR Playbook, we highlighted that the demand for Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) investments has soared. Wealthtechs have an opportunity to give the up-and-coming / DIY investor the means…

By: NB Team

I was asked if I wanted this blog post to be anonymous and I initially said yes, but I’ve changed my mind so here it goes… I’m Charlotte Woods, a 28-year-old cat-loving woman (sorry) PR Account Director and (only recently) unashamedly constantly anxious and occasionally depressive, human being. That said there is NO judgement to…

By: NB Team

While ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’ has a very descriptive name, the name is frustratingly unrepresentative of the symptoms experienced by individuals who have the condition. Many people living with ADHD choose not to tell colleagues they have the condition in fear of being labelled ‘disorganised’, ‘unfocussed’, and ‘unreliable’. What does ADHD look like? Every individual…

By: NB Team

In June, many of us noticed how our favourite brands pulled out the stops to show their support for the LGBTQ+ Community during Pride month. Companies like Starbucks, Instagram and Banana Republic donned the rainbow flag through colourful campaigns, limited edition collections and funky hashtags to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community and to celebrate their…

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