A Pottermore Christmas

NB Team

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As self-confessed internet addicts, it’s hard not to know about Pottermore, the online Harry Potter community. It’s an immersive way to experience the hit series online – a completely original way to extend the Harry Potter world, filled with puzzles and hidden content, where you can cast spells, brew portions and even learn what Hogwarts house you’re destined for.

Now, with the festive season underway Rowling’s back, and she’s offering us even more new content. If you’re getting bored of your chocolate advent calendar (ours have featured some truly terrible jokes!), you can indulge in an altogether different guilty pleasure at 1pm each day, when Rowling releases a little more of the story. Once you’ve solved a Harry Potter themed riddle, you can find out more on subjects ranging from unpublished subplots about Diagon Alley’s ice cream parlour owner, to exactly what kinds of enchantments Harry Potter’s cauldron has on it.

As PR goes, it’s a bit of a dream. It builds on the legacy and the whole site is a pretty incredible idea for engaging with fans. Not only does it let us keep our Harry Potter fantasy world alive, but it makes sure that everyone’s favourite author remains at the forefront of our mind.

To see the new content for yourself, head over to www.pottermore.com.