We all know the interweb loves cats, but is this a step too far?

NB Team

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We’re a bit behind on this one, admittedly, but it was too good not to write about.

Whiskas, well-known purveyors of the cat food that 8 out of 10 cats prefer, has branched out.

No, not into cat treats. Not even into cat toys. Whiskas has instead devoted time to creating Catsacam, a collar mounted cat-camera that automatically uploads photos to the internet.

The Catsacam takes photos six times a minute. Then, when the device connects to WiFi, it uploads the photos directly to an Instagram account owned by, you guessed it, your feline friend.

Now, we love cat pictures just as much as the next person… arguably, a bit too much, actually. There are a lot of cat owners in the office, and the consensus is that it’s a nice idea, but fatally flawed. What do cats love more than lasagne? SLEEPING. So a camera would only end up capturing unexciting pictures of chair legs or curtains.

Luckily, the clever folks over at Whiskas have thought of this and have made it so the camera only activates on movement. This makes it great for more adventurous cats, whose escapades might actually make very entertaining viewing from the comfort of your laptop.

It’s unclear at present whether Whiskas ever intend to sell Catascam to the public, or if this is just a nice PR stunt. Is it possible that wearables will catch on faster with our pets than with us?