Sugar we’re goin’ down

NB Team

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Office life isn’t always sweets, cake and ice-creams…

Actually, it sometimes is. And as the new documentary, Sugar (think Super Size Me, but with sugar) points out, that’s not great.

That’s why Marc, Sohaib and Laura decided to embark on an experiment. To cut down on the amount of refined sugar they have each week.

Marc’s known for his discipline, he’s healthy and goes to the gym several times a week. Laura is also health-conscious, but (self-admittedly) always tempted by sweets. Sohaib is… the office sweet-tooth fiend. If you need a sugar fix, you drop by his desk.

We’ve tried fitness trackers, but thought this could also be “fun.” The first week is all about reducing the level of sugar they have, so only diet-soft drinks, no sweets, no pastries, no chocolate spread…

Keep checking back to see how the guys are getting on, and what they’re missing out on.