Sugar we’re goin’ down (week 2)

NB Team

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Today marks the start of the second week of Marc, Laura and Sohaib’s no sugar experiment.

The first week was certainly a challenge. There were several birthdays in the office, which took colossal willpower to sing for without then indulging in cake as a reward.

The trio can regularly be seen in the afternoon tucking into healthy snacks – today the treats included carrot sticks, bread sticks, 100% natural peanut butter, NAKD bars and more.

They very strongly urge you to lower your ambition if you’re thinking of doing the same, and not starting with 100% chocolate. If you do have it, nibble.

This week sees more deliciousness cut out, with honey and condiments falling by the wayside.

So how does the Sugarhill Gang feel? Well, not much different yet. All of them are a lot more conscious of what they’re eating and that can only be a good thing. Impressively, their resolve is unbroken despite extreme provocation (Fi baked and brought in a Mississippi Mud Pie today) and they’re still trying to see how far into the eight-week course they can manage.