Three high growth tech companies electrifying the UK media

NB Team

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An increasingly broad range of journalists are writing about technology in the UK. However, what can you do to get UK influencers excited about a tech company?

Here are three companies doing just that:


  • Who? Cloud communications platform that offers critical voice and messaging functionality to your favourite apps, including Uber, Whatsapp and Airbnb
  • What they’re saying On the heels of a much-hyped IPO last June, Twilio is being heralded by UK media as the defacto developer toolkit for cloud software of the future. That’s an expansive addressable market; from apps to servers. Financial Times and CNBC, through to ComputerWorld and DeveloperTech have all covered the company’s potential.
  • Their secret to success? A compelling and well-communicated purpose. The charismatic CEO and his team of ‘Twilions’ truly believe in the company’s mission to ‘build the future of communications’ and replace inflexible, high-cost legacy tech for the developer. That comes across consistently in every interview, blog or press release. Moreover, it’s rubber-stamped by customers who clearly buy into the company ethos.


  • Who? App-only banking: the ‘bank built for your smartphone’
  • What they’re saying With two significant funding rounds in quick succession this year, Monzo has certainly caught the eye of the industry and the imagination of consumers, featuring in headlines across national titles, through to business and banking trades. The London Fintech scene has been hot for some time; a circumstance that has played nicely in Monzo’s favour as the fear and scepticism that endured a few years ago has dissipated to give them space to be seen as credible at launch.
  • Their secret to success? Proof of concept prior to launch. Monzo was careful not to blow their launch story until they had a substantial number of engaged banking customers signed up to the service. Consequently, this gave the company hard facts to support their ambition and vision.

  • Who? Another sign that platforms are where the money’s at. This mega cool London startup has developed a platform for companies to build virtual and simulated worlds.
  • What they’re saying Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google will provide the back end to Improbable’s SpatialOS cloud-based infrastructure. Subsequently, this move was viewed by titles including TechCrunch and Wired as a rubber stamp on Improbable’s role in leading the next frontier in simulation.

Their secret to success? A roots and upwards approach to media engagement. Improbable has developed core expertise and hangs out at all the right developer conferences, giving it credibility and notoriety among the developer community. Therefore, the company is receiving a warm welcome from big-league influencers.