Can creativity be found in B2B storytelling?

NB Team

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As a journalist writing deep tech stories for the national, financial and B2B media, I’m always looking for inspirational content. However, it’s easy for people in B2B tech to feel that, as their products or services aren’t ‘consumer’, they don’t need to position them creatively.

On the contrary, with so much B2B noise and journalists’ time increasingly stretched, creative storytelling around technology is more important than ever. With this in mind, this week the NBU team and I are running a practical workshop for tech companies that might find it challenging to see the creative angles in their “B 2 Zzzzz” technology.  These are the angles that will draw the attention of reputable media outlets.

It’s going to be a really interactive session. We’ll work with some of NBU’s senior creative directors to develop and take away the practical tools and techniques for delivering impactful B2B messages to the media.

By Stephen Pritchard, freelance broadcaster and journalist


To find out more about reserving a place at this or future workshops, contact: