CES 2019 Unveiled

NB Team

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With CES 2019 drawn to a close, our Senior Press Officer Ash Scott discusses her time there. 

CES is the place to be. Indeed, over 1,200 press, analysts and tech fans from all over the world converge here. They’re all hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest technology, gadgets and product innovations.

This event is known for the weird and wonderful. The key themes present this year were smart health (primarily U.S focused), the smart home and the latest pet robots. The wonder of Unveiled is that there can be anything from smart apps to aid incontinence, to companies wanting to break into the market by restocking your beer fridge. Goodbye dry January! Sadly, there was a lack of Veganuary at CES this year. Clearly, they haven’t the organisers haven’t seen Greggs’ latest stunt. Regardless, here are some things that caught my eye:

Sleep: We can all have trouble sleeping. Hupnos is a self-learning ‘snore-free’ sleep mask. I’m in Las Vegas – sign me up! Moreover, a company called Urgonight reckon they can train your brain to sleep. Just 15 minutes a day and its device will learn your brain waves and train you to sleep better. The headgear is unimposing and you can pair it to an app that can enhance sleep. Accordingly, a decent night’s sleep. ZZZZZZZ.  

Convenience: Ultimate charging. Imagine having your phone, watch and earphones on your bedroom table all powering up at the same time with one power source? I need one!

Robots: If you’re looking for the cutest thing I’ve seen so far, look to the LOVOT! While it is a robot, as they describe it, it also has a sense of life. It’s like it’s a living thing.  In conclusion, I got to experience LOVOT and let me tell you, as a human seeking a pet, it may just do the trick!