Shedding light on ISE 2019

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One of our Account Executives, Olivia Harry, packed her bags to head to ISE in Amsterdam this week with our client Canon Europe. Here she sheds light on what ISE’s all about and why the world of projection is more exciting than ever before.

Shared passion

This week, systems integrators (who work with venues and manufacturers to install audio-visual systems) from around the world have descended on Amsterdam. They’re here to share their passion for audio, visual and lighting installations. We think the king among these is the incredible projection technology on display at the show.

Think Time Square in a trade hall, but with the most eye-catching and creative pieces of digital art around. Vendors show off the power of their technology in an exhibition of colours, brightness and interactive installations. This is what makes ISE one of the most vibrant events of the year. Although, I probably need to get out more…

ISE 2019 has come a long way since the first event back in 2004. It has become the largest AV and systems integration show in the world, while the industry and products on display couldn’t be more different. As the imaging landscape rapidly evolves, AV technology is working hard to keep up with the demands of enterprises and consumers alike.

4K innovation

With the demand for 4K rising and the first instances of 8K creeping into the audio-visual world, this year’s ISE was all about resolution. Our client, Canon, further expanded its 4K line-up to meet the demands of systems integrators with its first-ever large venue projector. In December, the team here at Nelson Bostock also launched two compact 4K resolution projectors for Canon – one native and the other UHD.

While 4K is in high demand, there are many sectors, such as education, who can’t afford to change their entire infrastructure. This means we are seeing the first instances of pixel-shifting technology. Because this technology offers these industries the same resolution, without the cost.

As with 4K, brightness plays a huge role in the power and accuracy of projection. Last year, we saw most major players in the market launch projectors with a laser light source. This is a trend that will continue to grow. This year was the battle of the lumens. One projector boasted a massive 50,000 lumens of brightness. In large venues or spaces, which have a lot of ambient lighting, this brightness ensures powerful and accurate projection. Basically, it gives the same results as using a screen, but with the flexibility of a projector.

Exciting displays

Projectors are increasingly used to create exciting and creative displays, from education environments to advertising billboards. As the demands on these devices become increasingly complex, we’re seeing lighter models to facilitate easy installation. Meanwhile, lens shift and laser light source mean they can be positioned at almost any angle. Even pushed right up against the projection space.

This is creating some incredibly eye-catching displays. Just consider the work of world-renowned set designer Es Devlin. She used projectors to create sets for Kanye West, and the closing ceremony for the London Olympics. Her work is wildly innovative and totally immersive. It has also overcome the challenges of venue size, light dispersion and consumer expectation.

This year’s ISE showed a similar level of imagination. Stands were designed to attract in a fiercely competitive environment. They featured some of the most eye-catching projection. Including holographic, an interactive projection tube and a wall-to-ceiling 4K display. Quite an achievement in the enormous RAI venue. The bar has been set incredibly high. It will be amazing to see what ISE 2020 has in store for visitors!

Read about more of the event support we provide for Canon Europe here. If you’ve got an event or project you need support on, please feel free to get in touch!  

Photo credit: Canon Europe