Discovering fashion illustration

NB Team

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Working as a digital designer at Nelson Bostock, my day-to-day job revolves around wireframes, web and email design for various clients. However, outside of work, I like to challenge myself by trying new things. I want to remove myself from my creative comfort zone and to get away from the computer screen.

I recently came across a fashion illustration masterclass workshop. It was led by the fabulous Alen Clo – an editorial fashion stylist turned fashion artist. Clo also has experience as a pattern cutter at Hobbs. Initially, I was nervous. I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of the fashion industry. However, I was really impressed with the open workshop structure. Not to mention the friendly people on the workshop. During the workshop, we explored the impact weight has on the human figure. We looked at the way the body affects the way clothes drape. I also really enjoyed experimenting with elongated mark-making and watercolour pencils.

We work alongside our clients on a daily basis to bring the best creative output, in line with our B2B and tech world. In time, techy vector illustrations will be a thing of the past Clients will strive to stand out among their competitors. You never know when these transferable skills will come in handy. For example, the brush strokes I learnt on this course could easily be pulled into a brush library in Adobe Illustrator. This would evoke much more emotion and motion. It would really bring images to life.

The course helped me push my creative boundaries. Check out upcoming fashion illustration masterclasses here and you can find out more of Alen Clo’s work on Instagram.