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The Edit – 04.09.15

What’s caught our eye Smart clothing of the future has caught our eye this week! We’ve already seen contactless stickers, watches, and wristbands and now you can pay using your jacket. Lyle & Scott and Barclaycard have partnered to produce the “world’s first” contactless coat which has a small pocket in the cuff that holds…

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The Edit – 25.09.15

What’s caught our eye Over 80 years ago, technical draughtsman Harry Beck created the iconic Tube map. It’s beautiful but can sometimes be misleading (as are the words, “changing at Bank is quick and easy”). So, inspired by the positive reception to a Freedom of Information request for a geographically accurate rendering, TfL has continued…

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The Edit – 02.10.15

What’s caught our eye On Tuesday Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower, joined Twitter racking up more than 1.23 million followers in under 24 hours. His first simple tweet – “Can you hear me now?” – received over 110,000 likes and was retweeted over 120,000 times. While attracting the inevitable army of Twitter “trolls”, including Republican…

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