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Just you and 999,999,999 others – Facebook hits one billion

The lovely Scarlett, here on work experience, has written a guest post for us about Facebook’s latest landmark… This week, Facebook announced that a whopping 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook in just one day. To save you from the maths, that means a colossal one billion people went on Facebook on Monday…

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The Edit – 09.10.15

What’s caught our eye When it comes to photo collections, NASA’s probably rivals most. This week, an incredible 13,000 photos covering missions from Apollo 7 through to Apollo 17 were uploaded onto the Project Apollo Archive on Flickr, run by space enthusiast Kipp Teague. These photos included some that NASA had recently released into the…

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The Edit – 13.11.15

What’s caught our eye This week was the annual e-commerce behemoth that is Singles Day. Over 91.2bn yuan (£9.4 billion) was spent, a 60% increase from last year. What started as an anti-valentine university group has now turned into the day where young Chinese singletons spend on themselves. This is hardly a surprise with factors…

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The Edit – 27.11.15

What’s caught our eye Good news for parents-to-be! Well, if you work at Facebook, that is. Mark Zuckerberg has introduced four-month parental leave for all new fathers, days after he announced he would be taking two months of leave for the birth of his first child. It’s an unusual move in the 27/4 workaholic culture…

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