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By Lee Nugent

This week saw my re-election to the PRCA Council (huge thanks to all who voted for me!) and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to remain involved. This will be my second year as a councillor, having been elected first time round just after our founder, Martin Bostock, stepped down from chairing the Council.

But, you might well ask, what is the PRCA Council; what does it do?

In the PRCA’s own words, the Council “provides a formal mechanism to consult with the industry’s most senior practitioners on the issues PR faces; acts as a think-tank for the industry; informs the PRCA’s strategic priorities; and produces helpful commentary, advice and best-practice guidance for PR professionals.”

But it’s not just words.

Some of the great work achieved in recent weeks has seen vice-chair, Tony Langham of Lansons, work with his team to pull together the #ReputationMatters programme. It outlines the importance and value of reputation to UK business, and is accompanied by the extremely handy Economics of Reputation Toolkit, and an explanatory infographic that summarises the research (beautifully designed by the team at Nelson Bostock).

The ‘Agency of the Future’ drive is another great initiative, which provides valuable insights into how agencies can and should innovate, restructure and change, in order to face the new world of communications and marketing.

Here at Nelson Bostock Group, we were delighted to be selected (along with our Things With Wings team) as one of the five future agencies that characterise how the industry is evolving. There’s some fantastic video content which takes a look at how each agency and group is structuring their business to address evolving client needs and challenges, so well worth checking out.

As you’ve seen, the work of the PRCA Council is not only forward-thinking, it’s also tremendously valuable and informative. And I’m really pleased to continue to have the opportunity to work with the wider team at the PRCA and help drive the industry’s continuous improvement.