How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world

NB Team

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It’s a genre that often attracts controversy, and is very much a story of extremes. Some are sceptical, others are die hard fanatics. Truth be told, sci-fi films are sometimes classified as far-fetched and ludicrous. The imagination featured in such films is often extravagant, but who’s to say that such ideas are a product of a madman or a visionary?

The truth is blurred. The game changer? Technology. It’s the one thing that is advancing at such velocity that laughing off the likes of flying cars, hoverboards, invisibility and cyborg implants would be nonsensical – they have all, in some form, become reality.

The advances in technology mean that we’re catching up with what was once thought to be impossible. A genre that has mastered incredible and eccentric ideas into successful narratives is starting to look a lot like real life. Some of the best predictions from sci-fi classics have now been imitated in the real world, as explored in this piece by Dazed Digital. So take some time out of your day, and enjoy the fevered dreams of visionary sci-fi legends.