Stop talking nonsense

NB Team

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We all fall into the jargon trap at times. It might be because we’re surrounded by it, or because there genuinely are esoteric terms which need to be used from a technical or legal stance.

But as Maija Palmer at the FT, and Houston PR point out, it makes things a bit meaningless.

It’s especially frustrating to see jargon in the technology industry. You might think they go hand-in-hand, but keep in mind Arthur C. Clarke’s immortal words, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

With a rich lexicon to draw from it’s a huge shame to see jargon weighing down the ambition and original intention of technology, which often improves lives. All it takes is a moment’s more thought to play about with words and concepts, and create something different. And it’s also way more fun.