Fashion goes digital

NB Team

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While for some the focus of Burberry’s AW15 showcase at London Fashion Week (LFW) was quilted Indian prints and patchwork suedes, others have been grabbed by LFW’s use of digital and social media to engage consumers both in the show, and design process.

Of note, Burberry collaborated with Twitter to deliver personalised images from LFW. By using the hashtag #TweetCam, users triggered a camera to take a photograph from the best vantage point at the show as models walked down the runway.

Each picture was stamped with the user’s Twitter handle, as well as the time of the snap, which was then tweeted back to people. It was a great way to provide an exclusive, unique experience and use social media to spread the brand messages.

Other members of the fashion community are also beginning to try out innovative digital ideas. For example, Knyttan is a really interesting start-up which allows customers to look at a range of patterns by designers, customise them according to taste, and then print items within an hour. Thus satisfying the urge to choose and create by handing design back to the customer.