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NB Team

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In a brilliant and somewhat unexpected move, SpaceX has released over 100 pictures on Flickr, documenting its pursuit of soaring in the constellations. Whether your passion is for snazzy artistic shots of air force bases in the twilight, or artist depictions of the Crew Dragon spacecraft floating in the blackness of space, it’s all available at the click of a button.

What’s even more remarkable, is that SpaceX has released the pictures without any conditions on usage. In an age where many people and brands are increasingly careful about what they do and don’t allow into the public domain, it’s a refreshing change to see this kind of imagery free-to-use, especially on the back of a tweet!

It’s the latest in a string of impressive moves from SpaceX. Elon Musk’s approach has always been pretty open and public-facing about what his company does – from detailed Reddit AMAs, to engaging in public debate on Twitter. Even better was just how blasé Musk was about the announcement, that the pictures were now full public domain, as if it was no big deal – remarkably smooth.

It’s no surprise that fans (including our Space Club) are impressed, and watching SpaceX closely!