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The Rosetta Mission

Here at NBC we are unashamedly excited when it comes to all things space (we actually have our own in-house space club!). Today something happened that we’ve been (im)patiently waiting for, for a looong time. Today marked a significant milestone in space travel, the Rosetta mission came to a climax by landing a robotic spacecraft…

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Mars & Europa

Our Space Club is excited again with the news that NASA is hopeful of an $18.5m budget from the White House for the fiscal year 2016. $30m of that has been earmarked, and added to the $100m previously received, for a mission to send a probe to Europa, one of Jupiter’s fifty (confirmed) moons.  Although…

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Space and beyond

In a brilliant and somewhat unexpected move, SpaceX has released over 100 pictures on Flickr, documenting its pursuit of soaring in the constellations. Whether your passion is for snazzy artistic shots of air force bases in the twilight, or artist depictions of the Crew Dragon spacecraft floating in the blackness of space, it’s all available…

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Life on Mars?

The Martian is an excellent thriller of a book, soon to be film, about a mission to Mars gone wrong that leaves astronaut Mark Watney stranded. Btw, we’re not giving anything away there, it all happens pretty early on in the story. In parts, the book tells you what’s happening behind the scenes at Mission…

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The Edit – 09.10.15

What’s caught our eye When it comes to photo collections, NASA’s probably rivals most. This week, an incredible 13,000 photos covering missions from Apollo 7 through to Apollo 17 were uploaded onto the Project Apollo Archive on Flickr, run by space enthusiast Kipp Teague. These photos included some that NASA had recently released into the…

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The Edit – 27.11.15

What’s caught our eye Good news for parents-to-be! Well, if you work at Facebook, that is. Mark Zuckerberg has introduced four-month parental leave for all new fathers, days after he announced he would be taking two months of leave for the birth of his first child. It’s an unusual move in the 27/4 workaholic culture…

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