Dot dot dot, dash

NB Team

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So we’re still a little puzzled over this one. We were fairly certain that the Amazon Dash Button was a mildly gimmicky, light-hearted April Fools, but it isn’t.

Looks-wise, it’s not the most spectacular? However, what it lacks in design it more than makes up for in potential. It’s an early viable example of the internet integrating itself almost organically into the home. It’s not quite champagne on tap, as at Bob Bob Ricard, but we can’t deny that being able to order more coffee with all the effort of pressing a doorbell is an attractive proposition!

There are, of course, reservations – such a simple interface removes any chance of consumers checking prices (great for Amazon!), and many customers are unlikely to be quite so dedicated to a single brand as to want it stuck to their appliances. However, for things like Nespresso refill capsules or brand-specific printer ink refills, we can see how the Dash button could be a useful convenience.

The scheme is currently by invitation only, but we’ll keep an eye out for when they hit the mainstream.