The NBG summer party

NB Team

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Some might even say it was “totes emosh” – not us, we’re better than that. But there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – must have been the dust.


Not only was it the big Summer Party with Hawaiian theme (Beyond Retro was raided every lunchtime with Bostockers), but we were saying goodbye to the Silver Fox, Uncle Phil himself. After a magnificent reign at the company, which actually pre-dated the inception of Nelson Bostock, our beloved Phil Bobroff has stepped down to enjoy a richly deserved retirement.

NBG Summer Party 30.07.15-136

Phil knew Roger Nelson before NB was formed, and joined the fledgling agency early on. He’s steered us through just about everything you can imagine. The hard times, the good times, and anything and everything in between. Phil’s been the life and soul of the agency, integral to our leadership team and setting the tone. A lot of Phil’s personal ethos is reflected in the agency we are today. Hardworking, caring, fiercely intelligent, ambitious, and always up for a big night out.


Phil is a legend, and we have no doubt that should you ever get the chance to enjoy a drink with the man himself, you’ll agree with us.

We’ll write another blog post on culture another time, for now we’d like to raise a glass to the irascible Renard Argente. We’ll always remember his smile, his wisdom, and his friendship.

Cheers Phil, see you soon – much love from everyone at Nelson Bostock.