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How to ‘sell’ on LinkedIn

Whether you love or loathe the platform, there’s no denying that LinkedIn has clout. Outside of TikTok, LinkedIn has the highest organic engagement of all platforms, averaging 3.1%. By comparison, Hootsuite says that Facebook’s average organic engagement rate is just 0.07%. (The average organic TikTok engagement rate averages at 18%) Furthermore, 70% of users say…

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#Lovewins, but do brands?

Following on from the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on June 26th, where same-sex marriage was officially made legal in all fifty states, there have been some wonderful expressions of celebration – many drawn from last Saturday’s Pride event in London. Alongside enjoying America becoming the twenty-first (and largest, population wise) country to recognise gay…

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The NBG summer party

What.a.night. Some might even say it was “totes emosh” – not us, we’re better than that. But there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – must have been the dust. Not only was it the big Summer Party with Hawaiian theme (Beyond Retro was raided every lunchtime with Bostockers), but we were saying goodbye…

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ASA rules on working with vloggers

Today we’ve got a guest post from Lucy, senior account director with our brilliant digital team, Things Unlimited, about the new rules for working with vloggers. I like to set my alarm to wake me up to Radio 4’s Today programme. Most days I don’t really take in the morning’s news but I feel like…

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Digital Trends: Transient Social, 4D Printing & Everyday Robots

Last week we attended a phenomenal digital trends presentation by the very knowledgeable Emma from Things Unlimited. She reminded us about the amazing way the digital and real worlds are already blending together, and gave us some predictions to keep an eye out for. Digital Integration This is pretty ordinary today, you know the drill…

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