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Each year we try to come up with something fun as a way to send festive greetings to our friends.

And each year the pressure is on – What can we do to top last year? Will people enjoy it as much? How can we make sure it’s something people will want to talk about?

After brainstorms that started back in June (we take Christmas very seriously) and lots of deliberating, we came up with #OfficeElfie. It’s everything you need to take the ultimate Elfie – hats, ears, face paint, and of course, an Elfie stick. All packaged up in a Christmas themed tube created by our own Design team.


Through December we were inundated with a huge range of creative Office Elfies. We had a staggering 178 mentions from 70 unique users, and even bagged a mention in PRWeek – not bad, eh?

We hope you had as much fun taking part as we did putting it together, but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

It was a tough decision, but the winning #OfficeElfie goes to @NOWTV, congratulations guys, a PlayStation 4 is on its way over to you!

Special mentions to @Signal, @dynamopr, @MktingSciences, @JGMayStephens, and @ICMResearch for outstanding efforts!

Here’s a collection of our favourite Elfies for you to lol at, we look forward to more Christmas fun soon!