7 must-read inclusion articles, for Fintechs and beyond

NB Team

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As we look back on UK national inclusion week and see a terrific recognition of Black History Month, we need to remember that Diversity & Inclusion is something that we need to constantly work on, and constantly improve. 

We highlighted in our Fintech PR Playbook that diversity presents both a challenge and opportunity for fintechs – whether demonstrating diversity of spokespeople, or on a more granular, topical level such as technology bias. It’s something that we should all be thinking about and communicating everyday. A week here and a month there just won’t go far enough!

So, for fintechs and all businesses, below are some of our favourite articles to read… not just for today, but all year round.


Ethnic minority employees face ‘psychological burden’ of fighting racism at work | Metro

Natalie Morris, Senior Lifestyle Reporter, Metro warns that while awareness initiatives can have a positive impact for companies, implementing new D&I measures can also create a disproportionate burden for Black, Asian and ethnic minority staff members. Her article highlights the additional responsibility for these staff members on top of their regular workload. It’s something we all need to be mindful of as we continue to push D&I initiatives forward.


Women in fintech series | The Fintech Times

For September, The Fintech Times celebrated women in fintech with a wealth of interviews with leaders across the fintech industry that are worth reading. Beginning with an article that asked – where are all the women in fintech? – this campaign interviewed the likes of Marieke Flament, CEO of Mettle and Sophie Guibaud, Chief Growth Officer at OpenPayd. It also actively championed inspirational LatAm and MEA women in fintech through interviews, such as the Nigerian national and current resident Bunmi Lawson, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of EDFIN Microfinance Bank Limited, as well as Monica Saccarelli from São Paulo, Brazil, the CEO of Grão. 


Diversity And Inclusion: Why You Should Never Ever Make These 6 Mistakes | Forbes

Forbes contributor, Carmen Morris, wrote an article highlighting the six mistakes you should never make when it comes to racial diversity and inclusion in the workplace. You need a fully engaged leadership team, you can’t recruit over the cracks, and we all have biases / don’t ignore lived experiences, are just three of the powerful lessons featured.


3 ways to start being an ally to Black people | CNBC

New York-based Catherine Clifford, Senior Entrepreneurship Writer at CNBC, interviewed Michael Tubbs, a 30-year-old Black mayor of his hometown, Stockton, California. Tubbs lists three ways to be supportive allies for black people: Be anti-racist, talk to family and friends, be politically anti-racist. 


Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace | Harvard Business Review

“Despite a growing global awareness of the struggles trans people face, many employers remain ill-equipped to create the policies and workplace cultures that would support trans employees.” Christian N. Thoroughgood, Katina B. Sawyer and Jennica R. Webster list four practices that employers can adopt to help create a trans-inclusive workplace.


How can we really make European startups more diverse? | Sifted

Sifted interviews entrepreneurs across France, Spain, Germany and the UK, about the challenges faced by people of colour in the tech industry, and how we can overcome them. It asks, “How can we change attitudes and inclusion in an industry that, while claiming to be determinedly modern and cutting edge, is so woefully backward when it comes to the diversity of its workforce?” 


Fintech Equality Coalition Engages Black Fintech CEOs | Forbes

“Frequently, questions about diversity in fintech center on gender diversity, and that gender diversity means ‘white women’.” Dahna Chandler, Contributor and Daphne Foreman, Editor at Forbes, highlight some initiatives taking place at companies to tackle this issue, and provide a list of black-owned fintech companies that you can support.