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2024 is all about brand building

2023 was a year defined by economic uncertainty, ChatGPT and the iconic Barbenheimer.  That was in no small part due to the efforts of marketers. They jumped on the hype in a way we haven’t seen before – I mean, a real life Barbie Dream House – wow?! But even as marketers look to 2024,…

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Can fintechs still make a splash in the UK?

When you ask Google for “the home of fintech”, the answer is no longer as clear cut as it used to be. Once considered the undeniable land of fintech opportunity, the UK has since come under fire from industry commentators, particularly after its controversial exit from the European Union. And, until recently, investment had likewise…

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Is the cost of living crisis a blessing or bombshell for BNPL?

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) is quickly changing the face of consumer finance. If used correctly, BNPL has many benefits for consumers, including convenience, efficiency, and customer experience. Younger people in particular are embracing the chance to alleviate their financial pressures by staggering payments through installments.  From a business perspective too, everyone is entering the BNPL arena –…

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Is Credit Card’s Challenge BNPL’s Opportunity?

Amazon’s latest decision is bound to take shoppers by surprise. The company recently announced that it will no longer accept UK-issued Visa credit cards from January. Why? According to Amazon, the main driver was the high fees charged by Visa for processing payments, which increased drastically this year.  Since then, fresh claims have also emerged…

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“Christmas now, pay later”

Would you eat a turkey in December and pay for it in the New Year? With the rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), this is likely to be the first Christmas paid for by instalments! 2021 has been a phenomenal year for BNPL. It has accelerated into our lives faster than you might have…

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Buy-Now-Pay-Later’s reputation is on the line…and ‘cool’ influencers aren’t the answer

Barclaycard launched a new TV campaign last week which mocks ‘cool’ Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) players like Klarna. Partnering with pop queen Grace Jones, the campaign tagline reads “Why does everything have to be cool these days?” And you probably know exactly what they’re talking about. Klarna has enlisted a slew of celebrities including Snoop Dogg and…

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Five Reasons to Believe in UK fintech

In January, the growth of UK fintech looked unstoppable. 2019 saw huge levels of investment. We were set for another record-breaking year in 2020. That was until Covid-19 threw the world into disarray. So what does Covid-19 mean for UK fintech in the long term? Is it fatal? A bump in the road? Can the…

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UK fintech must continue to build trust to take centre stage

This year will go down in history. After three months of lockdown, the world we re-enter will be very different from the world we left behind. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from the experience. Not just about handwashing, but also about how to handle a crisis. We’re aware (if we didn’t…

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You must understand what’s shaping UK Fintech if you’re going to plan PR effectively

Fintech continues its march forwards. There are lots of great success stories; fuelled by innovation, growth and a very real market need. Just consider the recent Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 which follows Britain’s fastest-growing, privately owned tech companies. If you look beyond the obvious big hitters – Revolut (1), Checkout.com (55), TransferWise (64) and our…

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Crises change investment habits and create opportunity for Wealthtechs

Last week, we launched a Fintech PR Playbook, looking at the key trends, topics and media that are shaping UK Fintech, to help businesses plan their strategies for the next six months and beyond. We are passionate about the sector – which is showing great promise to bounce out of the pandemic – but we…

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