A year at Nelson Bostock Unlimited – part two!

NB Team

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Following on from Monday’s post, Sophie and Kavi share their experiences of their first 12 months at NBU Towers.

Working life at NBU, Sophie Walker

Every workplace discusses organisational culture and work-life balance. Too often, a company’s aspirational culture is not represented in the day-to-day. In my first year, I’ve seen that NBU truly sets itself apart on this front. Every single person working here on a daily basis, and sometimes without knowing it, contributes to keeping our special culture alive and well, through the “language” we speak and the decisions we make. Set in stone more than 25 years ago, NBU’s culture is based on striving to always deliver cutting-edge results for our clients, celebrating both individual and group achievements and a genuine commitment to flexibility. All of this combined equals a workplace atmosphere that is impossible to properly describe in words…

My first year at NBU, Kavi Prakash Saglani

I can hand-on-heart, honestly say that my first year at NBU has been nothing short of epic. And trust me, I’m not just typing that because I have to. There is something to be said about the work culture at NBU. There’s no ‘brown-nosing’ or ‘US election-style office politics’.

In my first year, I’ve experienced a truly collaborative work environment. We’re all in the trenches together and support one another. It’s no wonder we have such great relationships on both sides of the fence – with our clients and the press. Not to mention the incredible work we put out there!

To summarise what it’s been like working at NBU, fans of Top Gear will recall the ‘omnipotent’ Jeremy Clarkson referring to a select few cars as ‘having a soul’. This odd, perhaps slightly obscure, analogy fits perfectly to describe how it feels to work here. It’s a place with character. A big agency with that intimate, small agency feel.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working here this past year. Here’s to many, many more!