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The Edit – 25.09.15

What’s caught our eye Over 80 years ago, technical draughtsman Harry Beck created the iconic Tube map. It’s beautiful but can sometimes be misleading (as are the words, “changing at Bank is quick and easy”). So, inspired by the positive reception to a Freedom of Information request for a geographically accurate rendering, TfL has continued…

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When in Paris … Canon EXPO 2015!

From 13-15 October 2015, Canon descended upon Paris for its quinquennial event, Canon EXPO. Teams from across the Nelson Bostock Unlimited Group and sister agency TMW have been working with Canon to bring the press programme to life and after months (and months!) of preparation it was finally lights, camera, action at the Grande Halle…

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A personal statement from our Group CEO, Lee Nugent

As some of you may have already read elsewhere, I’m very sad to confirm that I’ve chosen to step down from my position as CEO of Nelson Bostock Group Unlimited (NBGU). This has not been an easy decision to take, but it’s one that I’m confident is right for me – and I’m delighted to…

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“PR is at its best when it thinks journalistically” – A PRCA breakfast discussion with Christian May

On Wednesday morning we went along to the first PRCA Media Relations Group breakfast. It was a discussion with Christian May, the editor of City A.M. Strinkinlgy dressed, with an impeccably folded handkerchief in his top pocket, Christian immediately grabbed attention. He kept us entertained with more than a few wry jokes. The session was…

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A year at Nelson Bostock Unlimited

We’re a big fan of work anniversaries here at Nelson Bostock Unlimited. But rather than just give our employees a bottle of Bolly (our tradition), we asked them to tell us what their first 12 months with us has been like. First up are Alex, Cassie and Sinead – join us in wishing them a very…

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A year at Nelson Bostock Unlimited – part two!

Following on from Monday’s post, Sophie and Kavi share their experiences of their first 12 months at NBU Towers. Working life at NBU, Sophie Walker Every workplace discusses organisational culture and work-life balance. Too often, a company’s aspirational culture is not represented in the day-to-day. In my first year, I’ve seen that NBU truly sets…

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NBU celebrate International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and it’s exciting to see the celebration unfold! From The Scotsman becoming a woman for the day to Amnesty International explaining to us why and when the day was established. The legendary Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 was equally brilliant. It didn’t do anything, because people should be celebrated every day. In…

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Bridging communications across the B2B buying process

Last week NBU towers was host to a fascinating event. Industry experts came together to discuss how the next generation of B2B researchers are influencing the ever-changing B2B buying process. With insights from Google, marketing industry analysis house Econsultancy, security brand AVG and B2B Marketing magazine, we explored the challenges brands face in aligning communications…

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How to rock the German market

5 points for a successful PR strategy in Germany By Tilo Bonow, CEO and founder of Berlin-based PR agency Piabo After launching in the US market, the next milestone for many US companies is conquering foreign markets such as Europe. With Germany being the economic powerhouse of the European Union, its capital Berlin presents an…

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B2B productivity: Just follow the recipe

17.04.17, by Tim Lines, Associate Director Productivity is a utopia we’re all striving for. Sometimes that means working harder. However, it’s often a question of working smarter. Or, working in a different way. I recently spoke with B2B Marketing about and some of my tips and tricks. While there is no single answer to boosting…

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