The Bostock Awards

NB Team

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It’s awards season! The glitz and the glamour. The lights and the cameras. The red carpet, the anticipation, the hopes and the dreams. The agony and the ecstasy. Will it be heartbreak and a well-practised brave “loser face”? Conversely, will it be glory and the immortality that comes with it?

We are of course talking about the Bostocks. The most hotly anticipated awards of the third floor at 10 Great Pulteney Street. To hand out the big prize, we even had one of T3’s top tech influencers of 2012 in attendance, Mr Martin Bostock himself.

Last Thursday we paused for a moment to celebrate… us. And frankly, we deserved it. The ever-expanding Bostock awards recognise the best of the best an alcohol and meme driven Top Gun, with only slightly less volleyball.

It’s easy to say “this year has been our biggest and our best” and we’re not going to shy away from that opportunity. We’ve certainly had massive challenges but we’ve done what we do best, worked really bloody hard and come out with some amazing work.

There were 20 hotly contested categories including Rising Star, nods for Media Relations, as well as prizes for B2B and Consumer client campaigns. There were outstanding individual achievements and the all-important Quote of the Year (not reprintable here) and Party Animal of the Year (name withheld to protect the guilty).

Winners walked away with a dazzling golden trophy as part of their prize package, and the top prize of the night even included an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe!

We get to have fun pretending that the awards matter, but really, it was just a chance for us all to have fun – to laugh and shout, to heckle our MDs Bruce and Nick in their hosting debut, and to just be Bostockers.