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Having joined us a little over a month ago, Liam has only gone and scooped Nelson Bostock’s Winning Mind award for October. What an impressive start? Liam tells us how he swapped journalism for Comms and how Flaming Hot Monster Munch are life 😋.

Why did you pick a career in PR and Communications?

Writing and storytelling is something I’ve always enjoyed as you can be involved with every touchpoint of the creative process. As for PR & comms, coming from a journalism background and after my time at a start-up that worked closely with their PR team, I wanted to understand the other side of the coin!

Why did you pick a career in PR and Communications?

Consistency beats everything. Turning up every day with the right mindset of doing the best that you can – nothing can beat it.

Tell us a bit more about your interests – how would you spend an ideal Saturday afternoon?  

My ideal Saturday afternoon would probably consist of exploring different areas (and pubs) around London but right now it’s all about watching the World Cup!

And what are your hobbies? 

My main interests are around music. Whether that’s attending live events or trawling through playlists and discovering new artists to share with whoever’s interested.

What’s one thing that people should know about you? 

Big fan of Flaming Hot Monster Munch.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about you? 

I once wanted to go into acting, the highlight being part of Derby Theatre’s production of Kes.

What makes you a Winning Mind?

It was a surprise to win if I’m honest! But having the willingness to get stuck into tasks and help wherever possible is important.

Any advice for future Winning Minds contenders?

Everyone does an incredible job to go above and beyond for both clients and teammates. Always keep an eye out on where you can contribute ideas as the company will always support creativity.