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Last month Katy scooped our monthly Winning Mind Award.

The Winning Mind Award celebrates when people are living and breathing our agency’s values; Ambitious, Open, Proud, Honest and Creative.

So we talk to our resident Texan on her career path, her perfect day and why she gifted someone a frog!

Why did you pick a career in communications / content?

I stumbled into tech start-ups and started my content marketing path from there. I see content marketing as storytelling with a purpose; finding out what makes people tick and acting accordingly.

At the cornerstone is solid communication. One of my first jobs ever was to socialise young racehorses and, as it were, communication is key to that, too. Communicating with horses teaches you a thing or two about communicating with people: be perceptive, be intentional and be consistent. I love the blend of creativity, organisation and analysis that comes along with that, in a job that is never the same and always challenges you.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

My mom used to encourage me to “push past the awkward” when I dug my feet in about doing something that I found difficult or embarrassing. Although frustrating at the time, it’s something I still heavily lean on as I continue to embrace that on the other side of daunting, scary, uncomfortable experiences is progress. 

How would you spend an ideal Saturday? 

My ideal Saturday would kick off with a morning stroll through the farmer’s market (with a large Americano in-hand) followed by brunch with friends; somewhere with a bustling atmosphere and good vibes. We’d wander through a few thrift shops — hopefully taking home some surprise gems — before a long, winding walk home to settle on the sofa for movie night. 


And what are your hobbies?

Aside from riding horses (which I don’t get to do as often these days), drinking coffee and long walks, I love live-music and sometimes dabble in digital photography. 

What’s one thing that people should know about you?

That so many cliché things came to mind when I read this question (I’m from Texas, vegan, terrified of driving etc…)

Immediately after those, I had a very random intrusive thought to share the fact that I had a joint Sweet 16 birthday party with my best friend where I gifted her a live frog in front of all of our closest friends. She had a phobia of frogs. 

I kept the frog, we’re still best friends — take from that tale what you will.

What would surprise people about you? 

I spent a semester studying abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia polishing my now non-existent Russian language skills. It’s such a beautiful place, I feel fortunate to have gone before recent events put Russia where it is now.

What makes you a Winning Mind?

All of our minds are unique, and can work together to do amazing things. My nominator pegged ‘proactivity’ and ‘team spirit’ — half of which I have to credit to my Texas roots.  

Any advice for future Winning Minds contenders?

Listen to your gut and take the risk.