Sophos: Cybersecurity as a service

The brief

Keeping cybersecurity news hot on the heels of ransomware attacks. 

Sophos had a strong reputation with tech and security press, but to generate awareness of the importance of cybersecurity as a service, they needed to find a way of engaging with national and business press. 


The press office monitored the news agenda to identify relevant new stories as soon as they broke – such as ransomware attacks, cybersecurity regulation, and cyber warfare – and pitched insights and interviews from Sophos experts. 

Our team directly reached out to Sophos researchers, experts, and communications professionals to develop commentary at speed, using a follow-the-sun approach to connect experts with the press at any point of the day. 

And, by using a bank of existing, approved insights the team could respond rapidly to news or create bespoke commentary as needed. 

Success in numbers


pieces of coverage total within the UK in 2022, and 13 pieces of national coverage in Q1 2023

Number 1

SOV amongst key competitors across 2022


increase in the volume of national coverage against the previous year.

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