The brief

Build positive associations with BT and EE

Nelson Bostock is the lead agency for the BT and EE press office, tasked with managing the brands’ reputations not just with the media, but among its customers. Our role is to make sure we continually highlight how the companies connect for good, whether that’s through new social tariffs for broadband customers who need extra support or providing reassurance that our retail stores are back on the high street to help those who need it most.

Our proactive storytelling – in support of the reactive press office – has achieved month on month positive press coverage across broadcast, national and lifestyle media.

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Change perceptions to position BT as a national champion

Communicate the rebrand as not just a change of symbol, but a symbol of change. Nelson Bostock was the lead agency for BT’s rebrand, tasked with managing its reputation and shedding the old BT image. We managed the keynote speeches, press conference presentation, content creation, media attendance and press office. Following the rebrand, the Nelson...

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Launching 5G for EE

Be the first mobile network operator in the UK to launch 5G. EE is the leader in 5G in the UK, from switching on the first 5G trial in East London, to demonstrating the first live 5G broadcast. The mobile operator wanted to cement its position by being the first to launch 5G in the...

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