The brief

Communicate the rebrand as not just a change of symbol, but a symbol of change.

Nelson Bostock was the lead agency for BT’s rebrand, tasked with managing its reputation and shedding the old BT image. We managed the keynote speeches, press conference presentation, content creation, media attendance and press office.

Following the rebrand, the Nelson Bostock team has worked with BT on specific initiatives to start changing the narrative:

  • BT Skills for Tomorrow programme – upskilling the nation with digital skills
  • BT Young Pioneer Award as part of the National Tech4good awards
  • Proactive press office promoting positive changes in customer service
  • Providing key consumer groups with background briefings

Success in numbers


of the UK population reached with positive messages and sentiment about the BT brand


years - BT’s goal to help 10 million people across the UK embrace new digital skills by 2026 has been reached five years ahead of schedule


pieces – of quality coverage for the rebrand event, 60 press conference attendees

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