GoCardless: getting British SMEs talking about money

The brief

How can we make money-mute SMEs talk payment terms?  

GoCardless wanted to reach new SME audiences and position themselves as a leading voice about the vitally important – but well-trodden – issue of late payments.


We commissioned YouGov to discover the scale of money muteness amongst SMEs. We found that 25% feel uncomfortable talking to customers about money, rising to 32% for women.  

We partnered with Emma Gannon, a Sunday Times bestselling author and host of the podcast Ctrl Alt Delete, who often discusses the issue of late payments amongst fellow SME owners.

Success in numbers


hero interview pieces with Emma in Harper’s Bazaar, Metro, and Forbes taking GoCardless out of its core media and into broader consumer/lifestyle media for the first time; delivering a combined reach of +3bn


social media accounts, 99.7% of which were new for GoCardless, were reached by Emma’s posts, with 500+ likes, comments, and shares


share of voice by reach secured against competitors in the ‘late payments’ discussion

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