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Another month at Unlimited B2B means another round of Winning Minds awards! 

As always our team have been working incredibly hard – read below to see the new awards and our winners!

PR Minds – Beth Anderson

“Clients are impressed with her ability to get used to their way of working so quickly, her diligence in moving projects forwards quickly and her smart consultancy when they need support.”

Marketing Minds – Nicola Coltrini

“Nic is a legend, works so very hard keeping everything she does afloat – with bells on – and never complains.  I am so very grateful to have her in my team and I want her to know she is extremely valued and very much loved.”

Creative, Content and Planning Minds – Tony Faccenda 

“I am collating feedback at my end still, but I wanted to say that although I have only read the first so far – it is absolutely excellent! So well written!!!!”
“Can I ask who the writer(s) are for these two blogs? They are excellently written and hit all the major notes too. Very happy chap here.”
“Whoever wrote the Smart Factory blog on Benefits of Digital Transformation did a superb job. Nice work.”

Greatest of All Time Award (GOAT) – Fi, Tim and Finn 

“The team had just 48 hours to create a 10 slide deck and summary document that featured insight, strategy, an incredible creative idea and how we would bring this to life if we won. The work they delivered was incredibly impressive and well thought out, despite having such short time frames to put it together AND stay across account work. For Fi and Tim they had the added pressure of also working on a Sophos media event on the first day.”

Check out some imagery from the project here!