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In case you missed it: 5 key takeaways from MWC ‘23

After the interruptions of recent years, you might have thought that trade shows were dying off. If Mobile World Congress 2023 is anything to go by, in-person events are back. This year’s MWC welcomed a staggering 88,500+ attendees, from 202 countries and territories, there to hear from 2,400+ exhibitors and 1000+ speakers. Forgive the number…

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5G: From promise to reality

We’ve all read how 5G is set to change everything all over again. Well guess what? It’s already starting to do so. Well, isn’t it ironic… 5G launches around the globe and we’re told to stay indoors for an entire year. While our fixed-line connections have been getting hammered with countless video calls and Fortnite marathons, those…

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