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The Unlimited B2B 2024 Trends Report

2023 was a tough year for businesses and consumers.  Economic headwinds and the geopolitical climate gave rise to a lot of uncertainty, but the evolution of new technologies unlocked creativity and inspired innovation.  As we embark on the next year, trends will move at an unprecedented pace and drive change across the workplace, business, technology…

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In case you missed it: 5 key takeaways from MWC ‘23

After the interruptions of recent years, you might have thought that trade shows were dying off. If Mobile World Congress 2023 is anything to go by, in-person events are back. This year’s MWC welcomed a staggering 88,500+ attendees, from 202 countries and territories, there to hear from 2,400+ exhibitors and 1000+ speakers. Forgive the number…

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What you need to know about communicating your sustainability credentials

Think you’re ready to promote your sustainability credentials? Truly understanding your audience is a vital starting point. Check out this 3 minute summary of research which reveals the three society attitudes towards sustainability and what they mean for your comms strategy. Get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more about what audience…

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Sustainable Sessions: Episode 1

There’s a growing recognition that the technology sector is responsible for mountains of e-waste and the consumption of energy and natural resources. But the world is also expecting tech to be the source of innovation which can halt the crisis. In our first episode of Sustainable Sessions we look at what tech companies need to…

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Mobility Bytes: Episode 2

What are the barriers we need to overcome to achieve sustainable mobility? In episode two of Mobility Bytes our tech-experts discuss what it will take to encourage people out of their cars and on to more sustainable modes of transport. We all have a stake in the debate. Let us know your thoughts.

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Business travel: do we still need it?

Last week, one of our colleagues went to Lisbon, for a client event at WebSummit. Everyone was giddy. Abroad? On a plane?! It’s like you’re in Mad Men! We’ve spent so long inside our own houses that going abroad still seems wild, even more so if it’s for work. After a year of broadcasted events…

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3 ways brands are using PR & Comms to deliver on sustainability targets ahead of COP26

At the start of 2021, we saw a seismic shift towards sustainability which has gained momentum as we’ve emerged from the pandemic and edge closer to COP26. Public awareness of climate change has never been greater and the role of communications has been a key driver in achieving this. Here are three things happening right…

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Our take on the PRWeek Purpose Summit

We had the opportunity to attend PR Week’s recent Purpose Summit which explored how brands and agencies are creating, refining and communicating purpose through case studies and engaging presentations. We’ve summarised the key insights and takeaways below:  Impact of COVID-19 on sustainability  There’s undoubtedly been a connection between COVID-19 and sustainability. While we’ve seen some…

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Sustainability Snapshot

Welcome to May’s edition of our Sustainability Snapshot blog, exploring some of the key green developments from the world of technology that caught our attention over the last month.  First, to put April’s snapshot into context, we saw big strides from the world of politics, with President Biden telling the world that we are in…

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Welcome to our latest Sustainability Snapshot blog exploring some of the key stories from the world of sustainability that caught our attention over the last month. Netflix recently launched its new documentary ‘Seaspiracy,’ exploring the devastating impact of the fishing industry on the planet and the challenges we face going forward in finding a sustainable…

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